API solid state characterization
in preformulation studies

תאריך: 15 ספטמבר 2019
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מק''ט: A191025
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Solid oral dosage forms are the most cost-effective means of drug delivery. Many challenges need to be overcome for a successful development. One important step is finding a suitable solid crystalline form of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for accomplishing successful biostudy. Also, a robust manufacturing process and consistent quality of the pharmaceutical product is crucial for manufacturing with minimal failures, and may be achieved by identifying and controlling critical physical properties of the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The formulator carries out a design study in search of a formulation that meets criteria set for the stability, dissolution, tablet hardness, and bioavailability. The physical properties of the API (as well as the excipients) play a major role in meeting the aforementioned criteria. Lack of full characterization of the API may lead later to sudden problems in manufacturing, and failed batches. Those problems are frequently associated with undetected physical phenomena (batch-to-batch variations), and the stage at which problems occur, usually in production, is usually too late for any attempt to understand the underlying cause.

This short course will review the physical properties of API powders which have inpact on formulation requisites, with focus on understanding their dependence on structural properties of the particles/crystals. Analytical methodologies will be reviewed as well.

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The course is targeted to:
Solid-state chemists/analysts and analytical chemists
API R&D researchers
Pharma R&D researcher

 API solid state characterization
 in preformulation studies
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