Signal Detection and Signal Management

Industry Challenges
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ניהול מקצועי: ד"ר אירן פרמונט

תאריך: 25 נובמבר 2014
מיקום הקורס: Neopharm Building, 6 Hashiloach St. Petach-Tikva 49170
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משך הפעילות: חצי יום לימודים
שעות: 14:00-16:30
עלות: חינם
נקודות זכות: 0
מק''ט: OP14875E
שפת הקורס: אנגלית
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Registration: Free, but mandatory to

Those Volunteering to present their signal detection process please contact:

We would like to thank NEOPHARM, Dr Segev Shani and Keren Moreno for hosting this meeting

Note -
Still waiting for:

  • 2 volunteers to present their process
  • A list of questions for MOH, so that Dr. Dorit Dil Dahieli could prepare her answers

On Behalf of
Dr Irene Fermont, Coordinator ISOP ISRAEL
Yehudith Wexler, Chairperson Bioforum

For more information please contact
Tali Rahinstein
By Email:
By Phone: 08-3730500 ext 553
By Fax: 08-9313071

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Signal Detection and Signal Management
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Highlights of EU Regulatory Guidelines: 15 min

Dr. Irene Fermont

Presentation ofIsraeli companies signal detection process: Neopharm, Teva, Kamada,… (10-15 minutes per company)

Dr Segev Shani, Michal Gati,

Questions and answers on Israeli MOH expectations: 1 hour

Dr. Dorit Dil Dahieli

אודות המרצה

ד"ר אירן פרמונט

Owner of IFC - Irene Fermont Strategic Safety Consulting, Paris and Jerusalem,
Physician, Immuno-Hematologist, Master of Bioengineering, European Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (EU-QPPV) founding member of the QPPV association, coordinator of the Israeli Chapter of ISOP (International Society of Pharmacovigilance), founding member of the ISOP working group on risk communication
Irene’s successful career in the pharmaceutical industry stretches over 20years.
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