The Forefront Of The U.S Medical Cannabis Industry

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With the basis of knowledge of the United States’ FDA being rooted in U.S. pharmaceuticals and medical devices - and with States governing unique medical cannabis programs - the landscape in the United States for imported products has been complicated to decipher.
With the retail cannabis market in the US expected to triple in size by 2023 to approximately $30 billion in sales (Forbes, 2019), it is our ultimate goal to help companies bring the safest and most effective, quality products possible to medical cannabis patients.

Harnessing our expertise from decades of industry experience, paired with our participation in industry technical groups we rely upon to develop the next generation of standards Ms. Kearney and Mr. Malave will conduct a comprehensive, one-day seminar to share best practices and engage in scientific dialogue to attendees.

The goal of the seminar is to further strengthen the core knowledge basis and application of requirements, while proactively addressing industry and regulatory trends. 

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This seminar will benefit all professionals whose span of responsibility includes compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (CGMPs), and current or future compliance to the FDA’s regulations. Participants including, but not limited to, include scientists and other professionals in: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance, Development, Manufacturing and Production, and Auditing. The course will also benefit senior management executives of these companies.
The Forefront Of The U.S Medical Cannabis Industry
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The topics are vital for companies aiming to import cannabis products into the US in the future.

Technical sessions include:
 - Overview of current US practices and insight into the expectations of the FDA for imported cannabis-derived products: 
  1. Current standards and an update from the ASTM Technical Committee on Cannabis, as well as industry best practices 
  2. Development of data packages for dosage, efficacy and safety 
  3. Beyond GMP and ISO compliance, predicting success in the US market using the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) System for Cannabis Consumable Products

 - Investing in and acquiring investments in the cannabis market; understanding the apparent risks the market presents investors; and, learning how to identify where the critical inapparent risks lie: 

  1. Benchmarks in the industry and how investment firms assess risk
  2. Setting expectations for banks, mortgage brokers and insurance firms
 - Post seminar, company and product-specific technical meeting offering with QAcanna in a one-on-one setting. 
אודות המרצה

Ms. Bethany Kearney

Ms. Kearney brings 15 years of experience with her quality compliance and management roles in global companies including Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and Clinlogix LLC.
Ms. Kearney is certified by the American Society of Quality as a Certified Quality Auditor.
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Mr. Jon Malave

As the founder, owner and CEO of QAcanna Jon brings 20+ years of practical experience within the pharmaceutical, medical device, combination products and dietary supplement industries.
His current 2+ year participation on the ASTM International’s technical committee “D37 on Cannabis” has allowed him to participate in the construction of standards that will guide the cannabis industry on a global scale, while gaining valuable insight as to future regulatory expectations.

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