Topical dermal and transdermal drug delivery systems

Lecturer: Ms. Eva Abramov

Date: 27 December 2018
Location: Bioforum, Golda Meir 3, Ness Ziona.
General Information
Duration: 1 - Day Course
Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Price: 1,850 NIS + VAT
Credit Points: 1
SKU: 18921
Course Language: Hebrew
About the Course
Drug products topically administered via the skin fall into two general categories, those applied for local action and those for systemic effects. Local actions include those that exert their actions on the function of the epidermis and/or the dermis. The use of topical medications does not result in significant drug concentrations in the blood and other tissues, and causes fewer adverse reactions. Common products in the former category include creams, gels, ointments, pastes, suspensions, lotions, foams, sprays, aerosols, and solutions.

Transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDSs) are discrete dosage forms that are designed to deliver therapeutically effective amount of drug through intact skin to the systemic circulation. The common drug products applied to the skin for systemic effects are transdermal patches.
Who should attend
  • Scientists from pharmaceutical industry
  • Team, R&D, Project managers from pharmaceutical industry
  • Scientists, formulators from cosmetic industry
  • Team, R&D, Project managers from cosmetic industry
  • Scientists who wish to integrate the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
Topical dermal and transdermal drug delivery systems
Benefits to the Participants
The objective of the course is to provide knowledge and understanding of skin physiology, topical and transdermal drug delivery systems, formulations and manufacturing technologies, excipients in use, different strategies for skin penetration enhancing and analytical method for skin penetration determination.
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Issues to be covered
  • Skin structure and function
    • Major characteristics
    • Structure of the layers
    • Blood vessels
    • Function
    • Routes of Traditional Transdermal Drug Penetration
  • Topical drug delivery
    • Introduction
    • Formulations and manufacturing technologies of different products
    • Excipients in use
    • Advantages and limitations
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery system (TDDS)
    • Introduction
    • Drug candidates
    • Product development and patch design
    • Manufacturing technologies of film casting
    • Excipients in use
    • Advantages and limitations
  • Strategies for penetration enhancing
    • Stratum corneum modification
    • Permeation enhancers
    • Mechanical methods
    • Energy driven methods
    • Microneedles
  • Analytical method for skin penetration determination
    • Franz cell diffusion method
    • Membrane selection
  • Summary
About The Lecturer

Ms. Eva Abramov

Ms. Eva Abramov has M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in chemistry from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and she is a Ph.D. student in the field of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy, the faculty of Medicine in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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